PLANT Tapetool tapener

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Tapetool tapener bz-3 garden tool with increased drum + 10 tape 80 meters for Garter of tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes

Taperner Stapler Tapetool BZ-III

  • Material: metal, plastic

  • Color: green

  • Weight: 600 grams

Differences Bz-3 from Bz-2

THE Tapetool bz-3You can insert a tape up to 90 meters. This allows you to make more than 1500 garters, charging only staples into the stapler. You need to understand that in the trail behind the increase in the length of the tape increased and the weight of the tool by 100-150 gr. And the dimensions of the store where the tapes are charged.In the model bz-2, the outer diameter of the store for the tape is 8-9 cm and in the model bz-3 12-13 cm.

In tupener bz-3, the inner diameter of the tape seat is 38mm.

In tupener bz-2, the inner diameter of the tape seat is 30mm.

Accordingly, the tape for these models need different. You can buy the necessary tape, Staples and spare parts in our storeMadana Story

In the rest, the stapler is absolutely the same.

Tupener garter-tapetool

Allowing at times to increase the performance of the Garter process tapener garter-tapetool will be a useful and profitable acquisition for each owner of the household. Simplicity of use is provided by a clear design solution of the device, which is made of high-quality plastic and metal. Now you will be able to perform Garter of plants even with one hand, carrying out only one movement, which can simultaneously provide such operations:

  • Strapping the stem of the plant or support;

  • Cutting tape;

  • Fastening a special bracket at once two ribbon ends together.

Buy tapener garter-tapetool means forever to forget that plant garter is a complex, exhausted and labor-intensive process. Thanks to the use of this tool, you can automate the operations, increasing the garter speed in 5, or even 10 times in comparison with manual work.

Tupener garter-tapetool-an indispensable assistant when performing Garter work in planting areas or in greenhouse farming

By the ratio of price-quality, this tool is the best option due to an increased store for charging the tape. The correct use of the device, which is, both in regular lubrication and accurate application, will ensure a long operating period.

Presented in our online store reliable tapener garter-tapetool will help to quickly and easily cope with grapes not only with dry, but also with a green suspension. An important aspect in the Green Garter is the safe fastening of the stems, which allows to avoid creases and creases, due to the use of a special soft tape. Also, this tool can be effectively used to tie the stems of tomatoes or cucumbers grown in the garden on open ground. No less useful and convenient will be the use of a device for Garter the stems of raspberry or BlackBerry.

Using the purchased tapener garter-tapetool, it is possible to cope with the Garter on large greenhouse lands with the suspended system of growing, where it is necessary to secure to

Before shipping, all stapler pass full inspection.

Advantages of tapetool Garter tupener

The most important advantage of tapetool's tapener garter is that it facilitates and accelerates the garter of plants at times, without losing its quality.

Garter with tapetool becomes a holiday, as for one pressing tapener:

  • Wrap the plant and support with tape;

  • Cuts the ribbon;

  • Holds two ends of the tape with a special bracket;

The Garter operation is performed with one hand and with only one hand movement.

The Garter is very light and easy to use.

Fixed tape type: