Bypass Pruning Lopper

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Supplier Name: Kesan Bazar
$ 59 / 1 pece



Gardena 12003 1.65 Inch Cut Capacity 27'' Bypass Pruning Lopper, Black, Silver, Turquoise

  • Non stick coating reduces friction - for easy cutting
  • Ergonomic handle with soft component
  • Light weight Aluminium tubes
  • Wrist protection buffer
  • From the manufacturer


    Lightweight with more cutting power !

    The GARDENA Loppers are all robust, long lasting, lightweight products that offer the best cutting performance.

    GARDENA Loppers

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    anvil lopper


    Ergonomics, quality materials and lightweight

    Made from top quality materials and equipped with the most innovative features, the GARDENA loppers deliver an effortless but precise cutting result. Ergonomically created for optimal operating performance and comfort, these loppers feature a stylish design and ensure a safe and accurate experience in your garden.

    Bypass loppers – ideal for fresh wood

    Both blade and counter blade are ground and penetrate into the branch simultaneously. They have a 'pulling cut', which means easy, accurate cutting without leaving pressure marks on the wood. Branches and twigs are cut very close to the trunk, which prevents cones that hinder the flow of sap.

    Anvil loppers – ideal for hard, dry wood

    The upper blade is narrower and sharper. The wide anvil distributes pressure and supports the branch in order to avoid damaging or crushing the bark. A curved head or swivelling anvil provides an easier cutting action close to the joint.

    Convenient and safe

    Aluminium lever arms and ergonomically-shaped handles with soft component provide the required non-slip characteristics and guarantee easy handling and safe work.

    Product Description

    The GARDENA Pruning Lopper EasyCut 680 B is a classic bypass Pruning Lopper for cutting fresh wood. Due to its low weight and the excellent lever action, the amount of effort required to cut is low. In addition, stop buffers made from special plastic protect your joints. Precision-ground blades with non-stick coating an accurate cut which is gentle on plants. 25-year .