Plant Grow Bag Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles

Categories: GARDENING & LAWN CARE ; Plant Grow Bags
Supplier Name: Kesan Bazar
$ 83 / 3 PAIRS

Mophorn 6-Pack 100 Gallon Plant Grow Bag Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles Black Grow Bag Plant Container for Garden Planting Washable and Reusable

Material Plastic
Brand Mophorn
Color Black
Style Garden
Special Feature Weather Resistant


About this item

  • 100 Gallon Plant Grow Bag: 6-pack 100-gallon plant grow bags are provided, washable and reusable, offers a healthier, smarter, and more versatile alternative to traditional clay or plastic gardening containers.
  • Sturdy Fabric Material: Made of 300G thickened PET non-woven fabric, the plant grow bags are not going to break down anytime soon. Durable, wear-resisting, highly tear-resistant, easy to clean, can be used repeatedly.
  • Reusable & Washable: Our fabric keeps the plants warm during the winter and cool in the summer. This plant grow bag will last for years. You also fold it up and store it for next years.
  • Great for Root Formation: Our plant grow bag has a higher aeration, so the plant roots can be able to grow freely throughout the soil instead of circling back inside the pot to promote healthy root development.
  • Versatile Application: Plant growing bags is especially suitable for planting growing in home, garden and office, etc. These pots will help plants become established more quickly after transplanting. Can also be used with hydroponic systems such as overheads, drip irrigation, and flood trays.