Fiskars Power Lever 8 Inch Hedge Shears

Categories: GARDENING & LAWN CARE ; Gardening Scissors
Supplier Name: Kesan Bazar
$ 30 / 1 pece

Fiskars Power Lever 8-Inch Hedge Shears

Material Type: Stainless Steel

Brand Fiskars
Item Weight 2.88 Pounds
Style Traditional
Item Dimensions LxWxH 2.75 x 7.5 x 22 inches
Blade Edge Serrated

About this item

  • Ideal for trimming and shaping hedges and decorative shrubs
  • Power-Lever technology multiplies leverage to give you up to two times more cutting power than traditional single-pivot hedge shears
  • Gator-Blade serrated blades grip branches and stems for clean cuts
  • Patented self-sharpening design keeps the blades performing at their best
  • Fully hardened, precision-ground steel blades make clean cuts
  • Low-friction coating helps the blades glide through wood, prevents the blades from gumming up with sap and debris and helps the blades resist rust
  • 8" blades cut all the way to the tip
  • Shock-absorbing bumpers help reduce the jarring conclusion at the end of cuts
  • Length: 20"