Hydroponic Growing System Indoor Garden

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$ 178 / Plant

AMORNING 15Pods Hydroponics Growing System 7.5L Water Tank,Smart Indoor Garden LED Grow Light Included Seeds WiFi APP Control Built-in Fan,Pump,Up to 19.3"


  • 【15 Pods Hydroponic System】Allows to grow 15 herbs,veggies,fruits or flower varieties at once,easier to reap a bigger indoor harvest.Other than that you can also use it to grow seedlings then transplanting.All needed accessories(15pcs containers,sponges,grow domes,covers and 1 bag seeds 2 bottle nutrients ) are included just add water,nutrient and seeds,simple and enjoy the plants growing process.

  • 【App Remote Control】WiFi Enabled compatible with even 5GHz Network.Pair the hydroponics growing system with AMORNING "Smart Life" app to remotely control your device at any distance. It can record your plants growing time,switch vegetables&fruits/flower modes,adjust Fan/Pump system,remind to add water and so on.App one-touch control allows you to check it from anywhere. Automatic timer(16H turn-on&8H turn-off)will make sure the lights go on and off at exactly the right time.

  • 【2 Planting Modes】Choose "Vegetable" or "Melon& Fruits" Mode for your plants to get specific light conditions,easy to switch on the device contrl panel or your phone APP.The LED light height can be adjustable to provide sufficient light at every stage of your plant's growth,which up to 19.3 inches tall.Grow your favorvite plants in water no soil, no mess, made simple.
  • 【Large 7.5L Water Tank】Indepandent 7.5L water tank can support plants to grow for 2-3 weeks in the growth period,have no worries if on travel or bussiness trip.A visual window on water tank can check how much water in tank at any time,and mobile APP will remind you to add water&nutrients if it is not enough.
  • 【Faster Growing&Energy Saving】22-Watt LED grow light gives your plants the full spectrum of sunlight they need to grow quickly,maximize photosynthesis - up to 5x quicker than an outdoor garden,resulting in rapid,natural growth and abundant harvests.This 12v3A Led light panel is also a good energy efficient option for lighting,just 0.48kwh per day.
  • 【WATER PUMP & FAN】AMORNING Hydroponics growing system built-in a fan which can not only disperses heat in germination but also spreads pollen in florescence.The water tank has a low-noise pump,circulating the nutrient solution absorded by the roots direactly.
  • 【Alexa&Quality Tester】Amorning hydroponic plants is Wi-Fi enabled,can be monitored and controlled from our app or your Amazon Echo device.Just download the Alexa App and connected your voice,you will be able to give orders to this hydroponic equipment.A portable professional tester is included to test water TDS,conductivity and temperature.
  • What's in the box

  • LED grow lights, seeds, nutrients,guides

  • Product Description

    AMORNING Intelligent Hydroponic Growing System

    AMORNING Intelligent Hydroponic Growing System can not only grow plants indoors but also be used for planting seedlings.

    multi-fuction indoor garden

    APP Control,Two Growing Modes

    Wifi Enabled to download APP for remote control


  • Switch On/Off the device
  • Choose Planting Modes-Vegetables Mode or Fruit Mode
  • Control Water Pump-Continuous opening or 30min on&30min off circulation
  • Adjust Fan System-Continuous opening or 30min on&30min off circulation
  • Record Plants' Growing Time & Adjust timing
  • Alert of Water Shortage

    Please kindly check the user manual carefully first for this APP Use.

    Just add water nutrients and seeds,planting is very simple


  • Please check the instruction on the nutrient bottles,A and B bottles are solid nutrients,which should be mixed with water first.1.5mlA+1.5mlB for each 1L water,A&B for different nutrients,both of them need to be added.
  • It is suggested to add at least 5L water(Max 7.5L) for the first time.
  • TDS&EC Meter is included to test water can add water&nutrients according to the EC value.

    Sprouts 1st-2nd day--EC value for 0-600;

    Growth 4th-8th day--EC value for 600-1200;

    Growth 9th-20th day--EC value for 1200-1800;

    Growth 21st-40th day--EC value for 1800-3200;

    Automatic Timer

    growing light

    Large Water Storage Tank

    can be controlled by Alexa

    Automatic timer for 16hour on and 8hours off

    Upgraded Grow Light Without UV

    7.5L Large water storage tank

    Can be controlled by Alexa

    Product information

    Package Dimensions 17.09 x 11.18 x 8.98 inches
    Item Weight 6.77 pounds
    Manufacturer AMORNING
    ASIN B095H9X1YY
    Country of Origin USA